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Skateboard Camp

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Summer Skate Camp is Generally 14 weeks of Camps June-August

Spring & Winter Holiday Skate Camp is in accordance with Virginia Beach Public Schools. 

Inquire below if you are interested in requesting additional Spring & Winter Holiday dates. 

Looking to try out skateboarding?  Come join our skate camp with John Fudala.

  • Daily Camp Time: 9am-1pm

  • Location: 

  • Ages 6 and up (5 years old private lesson qualifier suggested)

  • Parents/Guardians welcome

  • What to bring:

    • Skateboard: We have preliminary skateboards.

    • Helmet: We have limited first-day helmets.  You need to bring your own helmet, but just in case we have some extra.

    • Elbow and knee pads are highly recommended.  We will go over how to use knee and elbow pads.

    • Snacks and drinks.  We will have a water dispenser, 

John Fudala has been producing skateboard camps and contests for over 20 years. His background as a professional skateboarder has taken him around the world and now he is giving back to the community. When asked about the skateboard programs John says “It’s a skateboarding experience. Teaching safety is a big part and emphasis on creating a strong skateboarding foundation to build upon. The camp has a following with beginners, but has a lot for intermediate skaters too.”

The Skate Camp experience is fun and educational. You can look forward to stretching out, skateboarding tick tack, tail stalls, navigation basics, skate games, challenges and learning how to use safety equipment. Creativity is encouraged in creation of a contest/show experience full of music, sound effects, announcers and audience participation. We believe the children are the future!!!


FAQ's: I can pick 1, 3 or 5 days.  If I pick 3 days, what three days of the 5 day week are they? 

Answer: If you sign up for 3 days of a 5 day week you can pick any three days of given week, although we highly suggest Day 1 for introductions (getting the whole group up & running) and the final day for end of the week pizza party, finals & prize bags.

What do we do if it rains? 

Welcome to Skate Camp Welcome Package

We like to start promptly at 9am, teaching punctuality & preparedness ie just like Ski, Snowboard, Surf programs that mentor kids and lead the pipeline to X-Games, Gravity Game & Olympics etc.  teaching Preparedness is key.  Remember to bring

  1. Water bottle

  2. snacks

  3. skateboard

  4. helmet

  5. pads etc.

  6. Skateboard tuned to your liking


Last day of skate camp (usually Friday) is our Pizza Party, finals & end of the week awards.  We will showcase what we have learned from the week (Approximately 12:45).  Feel free to invite friends and family to participate as audience members!!! MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! The kids are encouraged to be creative and make an awesome show case.  Whatever that mean to them.  Costumes? comedy bits? whimsical drama? bizarre feats? The bottom line is “we are here to have fun”, so let's have fun.  After the final showcase, we will (as quick as we can) run the awards/ prize bags, get end of week photos with counselors etc. and say our goodbyes. 


Let’s Work Together

Virginia Beach Va, 23451

Tel: 917-592-7179

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